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350 QX2 RTF with SAFE Technology

Item No. BLH8000
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3.5 out of 5 Customer Rating

350 QX2 RTF with SAFE Technology

Item No. BLH8000
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Product Details

In The Box
  • Blade® 350 QX2 RTF

Key Features

  • Smart Mode
  • Stability Mode
  • Aerial Photography Mode
  • New receiver for improved range and performance
  • Greater reliability with improved GPS and compass
  • New battery tray and 3S 3000mAh battery included
  • Optional Gimbal provides further camera stabilization for the best results
  • SAFE technology
  • Optimized with Firmware 2.0
  • GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 3+ anti-vibration camera mount included
  • White battery hatch
  • Spektrum™ DX4 transmitter included

Needed To Complete

  • Nothing! Everything you need to get in the air is included.

Video Overview


The Blade® 350 QX2 is an upgraded version of the massively popular aerial camera platform. This edition of the 350 QX has been optimized with Firmware 2.0 and features improved an improved GPS and compass system and a more robust RF link for greater reliability. Upgrades on the 350 QX2 include the ability to facilitate a 3000mAh battery for longer flight times and the addition of an improved full range receiver.

Just like its predecessor, the 350 QX2 utilizes SAFE™ technology to deliver a smooth and easy flying experience with multiple flight modes, the revolutionary SAFE circle and return home feature. The 350 QX2 also comes ready for use with GoPro action cameras so you can capture images and video in HD. Start seeing the world from a whole new perspective today.

350QX2 and 350QX2 AP Comparison
Both the Blade 350QX2 and the 350QX2 AP utilize the same basic airframe. This new combo provides pilots who do not wish to buy a separate action camera or gimbal another option to take advantage of the new hardware and software at a lower price. If you want to outfit your 350QX2 with the GB200 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal (sold separately) it is completely compatible. Other refinements to the airframe include the following:

The GPS sensor has been moved the right rear motor arm and the receiver for the GPS can now be found on the right side of the 350QX2. This move allows for better performance out of the GPS when it is being used with an action camera such as a GoPro or CGO-1.

Improved Compass Accuracy
The compass on the 350QX2 has been optimized to provide the most solid and locked-in feeling possible. It has also been relocated within the airframe for better performance.

DX4 Radio
The DX4 transmitter included with the RTF version of the 350QX2 omits trim sliders in an effort to simplify things for beginning pilots. This version of the DX4 offers a 3 position flight mode switch which allows you to select between the flight modes (Smart Mode, Stability Mode, AP Mode). In order to active the return to home feature all you have to do is flip the other switch on the radio.

3000mAh Battery
The 350QX2 comes equipped with a larger battery tray which will allow you to fly with the included 11.1V 3S 30C 3000mAh battery. This battery has nearly 30% more capacity than the original 350QX providing more flight-time-per-charge. The 350QX2 can utilize the original 2200mAh battery for those upgrading to the 350QX2 from the original.

Updated Balancing Charger
The Blade 350QX2 now comes with a more user-friendly AC/DC balancing LiPo charger. This charger includes a convenient AC power supply, making it easier to charge your flight batteries. The charger included a variety of adaptors for use in any region, regardless of your AC power socket configuration.

Battery Hatch
The battery hatch has been changed from red to white for improved visual orientation while flying.

Included USB Interface
The 350QX2 includes a convenient USB-interface which will make it possible for you to upload future versions of firmware to your aircraft. These updates will be available free of charge.

Flight Modes
Smart Mode: GPS/Altitude Hold, SAFE Circle™ feature and Stick Relativity
AP Mode: Limited flight envelope, self-leveling and GPS/Altitude Hold. Damped, self-leveling for improved video quality.
Stability Mode: Limited flight envelope, self-leveling and GPS hold.
Agility Mode: Aerobatic performance with AS3X™ flight characteristics and unlimited flight envelope. For experienced pilots only. Only available with Spektrum™ DX6i or higher transmitters (Endpoint adjustment is necessary)
Return Home and Land: Returns the 350 QX to the home position and lands at the pilots command.

Please Note:
Camera not included.
2 Axis gimbal not included. 
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