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200 QX BNF with SAFE Technology

Item No. BLH7780
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200 QX BNF with SAFE Technology

Item No. BLH7780
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See your world from a new vantage point


Elevating Quadcopter Performance

The compact quad loaded with tech.

SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology is a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system. It also offers smoother flight capability that battles windy conditions for you and multiple modes so you can fly with the level of protection and assistance that suits any given moment of the flight.
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Engineered with SAFE Technology

Camera Mode

In camera mode, advanced stability and small pitch and roll angle limits combine with smooth electronic self-leveling for stable image and video capture.

Integrated LED Lighting

High intensity internal LED lighting provides status indication as well as orientation. The lighting system is hidden under a translucent fuselage and provides optimal visibility during the day and night.

Powerful Brushless Motors

The 200 QX is powered by four authoritative brushless motors which provide intense power for aerobatics, precision flight and even heavy payloads. Thanks to this aggressive power, the 200 QX is capable of carrying addition weight and can be flown indoors and outdoors in medium winds.

Camera Functionality

The Blade 200 QX has been optimized for use with the E-flite® EFC-721 HD camera. When paired with a Spektrum transmitter this intuitive camera can accept commands to capture quality still images and HD video during flight.

Stability (Bailout)

White LED Status

The Stability (Bailout) Mode is similar to Stability Mode for upright flight. In this mode the throttle is offset to run only from 51% to 100%; this throttle curve helps prevent a pilot from accidentally flying into the ground when flipping out of inverted flight and back to an upright position.

3d Stagility™

Purple Status LED

3D Stagility Mode features a self-leveling characteristic that's active when the control sticks are released. Whether you're flying inverted or upright, the 200 QX will self-level so you can learn inverted flight with mild assistance. When flying in this mode, 0-50% throttle is reversed thrust and 51%-100 is positive thrust.

3D Agility

Yellow Status LED

3D Agility Mode was designed for experienced pilots, anyone who has mastered inverted flight in all orientations and advanced pilots looking for a full 3D flying experience with no self-leveling. When flying in this mode, 0-50% throttle is reversed thrust; 51%-100 is positive thrust.

E-flite EFC-721 Camera

Thanks to its integration of SAFE technology and its powerful brushless motors the 200 QX serves as an excellent camera platform for the E-flite EFC-721 camera. With minimal effort, you can pair this compact HD camera with the 200 QX and capture crisp images and HD video. Control functions allow you to take that perfect picture at just the right moment and to stop and start recording with the flick of a switch.

*The EFC-721 is not included with this version of the 200QX

New Firmware Update

The firmware update for the Blade 200 QX unlocks three additional flight modes so you can experience the aerobatic potential of the 200 QX. While the updated firmware software is free, the Blade 200 QX update cable (BLH7840) is required to install the software to a 200 QX. Additionally, pilots must install the appropriate propellers prior to flight in order to experience each flight mode to its full extent.

Download the Firmware Update
Inverted 200 QX

Required for Inverted Flight Upgrade

200 QX update cable

200 QX update cable


Sport propellers for inverted flight

Sport propellers for inverted flight*


3D propellers for Advanced flight**

3D propellers for Advanced flight**


E-flite 800mAh 2S 30C LiPo Battery

Optional Battery Upgrade


*When flying with the 200 QX sport propellers flight time will be reduced from 7-11 minutes (using the stock propellers) to about 6 minutes of flight time.

** When flying with the 200 QX 3D propellers flight time will be reduced from 7-11 minutes (using the stock propellers) to about 3:30 minutes of flight time.

Needed To Complete

  • 5+ channel DSM2®- or DSMX®-compatible transmitter

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Product Specifications

Battery 800mAH
Approximate Assembly Time No assembly required
Scale 200
Completion Level Bind-N-Fly
Main Blade Material Plastic
Propeller Size 4.45 in (113mm)