Accessories for Completing your ARF model airplane

Accessories for Completing your ARF model airplane

When you buy an unassembled ARF model airplane, you'll probably also need to buy a few additional, inexpensive accessory items to make it flight-ready (those items are listed under the Parts and Accessories and Completion Guide links for the plane you choose). These parts are traditionally left out of ARFs (Almost Ready to Fly) because the appropriate sizes depend on your choice of power plants; also, experienced hobbyists may have a brand preference or already keep those parts in their workshop. Required accessories often include the following:

OS Engines 46AXII ABL .46 Airplane Glow Engine with Muffler (OSMG0548)

Power Plants

Here you have 2 choices, electric or internal combustion. If you choose electric power you will also need to choose an ESC (electronic speed controller) and battery. If you choose internal combustion then you must choose between fuel types: One being gasoline and the other being glow fuel (nitro).

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Spektrum A6380 Standard Digital HV High Torque High Speed Metal Gear Aircraft Servo (SPMSA6380)


Servos move the control surfaces of the plane to guide it. There are several sizes to choose from. The plane's instructions will usually give some recommendations for sizes and torque.

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Spektrum 22.2V 3200mAh 6S 30C Smart LiPo Battery: IC5 (SPMX32006S30)


The manual for your electric motor will give recommendations on what size and voltage you will need to properly power the motor.

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Hangar 9 Fuel Tank: Twist 40 V2 (HAN266007)

Fuel Tank, Tubing & Filters

The tank size/style used depends on the model you select. As a result, most current ARF airplanes include a fuel tank. You may be required to change fuel tubing according to desired fuel type (gas/glow).

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Hangar 9 Fuel Tank: Twist 40 V2 (FMMPROP020)


Propellers are usually not included with the engine or the plane. However the power plant you choose will have prop recommendations.

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DX9 Black 9-Channel DSMX Transmitter Only (SPMR9910)

Radio Equipment

ARF planes do not come with a transmitter or receiver. You may need to choose the one that suits you from several top brands available today.

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Smart S2100 AC Charger, 2x100W (SPMXC1010)


No matter which power you choose you will need a battery charger. If you choose Electric you will need a charger to charge the main flight battery. If you choose combustion then you will need a charger for the receiver and ignition batteries. There are several brands to choose from.

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Pacer Zap Z-Poxy Finishing Resin, 12 oz (PAAPT40)

Handy tools

There are several tools that may be a good idea to have around when assembling and ARF plane. A heat gun can be used to "tighten up" the planes covering. Epoxy is usually the best way to attach pieces permanently to the plane. A hobby knife also comes in handy for trimming and removing excess covering. And CA glue is often used to strengthen screw holes for servos and other mounts.

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