Blade 450 3D RTF

Blade 450 3D RTF

Product Specifications

Type: Collective Pitch Electric 3D Heli
Main Rotor Diameter: 28.4 in (720mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 6.1 in (155mm)
Gross Weight: 26.9 oz (760g)
Length: 25.8 in (655mm)
Motor Size: 420H brushless outrunner, 3800Kv (installed)
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Advanced
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
Is Assembly Required: No

Technical Notes

The Blade 450 3D uses a new design on the main rotor blades (BLH1615). The blades used in the Blade 400 3D look similar but are not the same (EFLH1415A). Do NOT use EFLH1415A on the new Blade 450 3D. Although these blades will work fine on the Blade 400 3D, the Blade 450 3D is a more powerful helicopter and using EFLH1415A will create an unsafe condition. BLH1615 is safe to use on BOTH the Blade 450 3D and Blade 400 3D.

To check if your blades are the new BLH1615 design, simply look at the mounting hole. If there is a brass insert, the blades are BLH1615. If there is not a brass insert present, the blades are EFLH1415A and should not be used on the Blade 450 3D in any circumstance.

Here is link to an image of both blades showing the difference to look for:


It has come to our attention that the items number for the Tail Blade Grips in the exploded view of the 450 3D (BLH1605) is incorrect. The correct item number for the Blade 450 3D Tail Grip Bearings is item EFLH1115.


Blade 450 3D RTF [BLH1600]

Retail Price: $469.99

Selling Price:$375.99*

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