Blade mCX BNF


When using the CX2 transmitter to fly the mCX what are the dip switch positions?

The mCX flies very well using the E-flite LP5DSM 5 channel transmitter.  Set all reverse switches to Normal then place DIP switches # 1 and #8 in the up position, move all other dip switches to the down position. Refer to the mCX manual or article number 1864 (Bind-n-Fly is easy as 1,2,3,4) for specific binding instructions.

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Why is my light is staying red even with the battery disconnected?

Try new AA batteries in the charger.

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Why is my helicopter doing small circles on its own?

You should check for binding in the upper rotor head.
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Why is my Transmitter is not controlling my mCX?

Try binding the transmitter to the reciever again. Page 26 of your manual.

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Why does my mCX drift?

You may need to adjust your linkage. If your mCX is drifting left or right you may need to adjust the left linkage (when standing behind the heli in flight) connected to the lower swashplate. If you are drifting forward or backwards you may need to adjust the right linkage.

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I bound my E-flite LP5DSM transmitter to my mCX but the controls are backwards.

Be sure all of the dip switches on your LP5DSM transmitter are in the down position other then switch 1 & 8. Switches 1 & 8 should be the only switches in the up position.

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Everything works but it will not throttle up. The motors do not spin at all.

Make sure the throttle trim is all the way down so the ESC can be armed correctly.

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