Blade CX4 RTF

Key Features

  • Self-stabilizing flight characteristics that make learning easy
  • Completely built and flight-ready with everything you need to fly
  • Hinged, rubber-coated rotor blades for increased blade durability
  • Powerful, 360-size brushed motors
  • Sleek two-peice body with LED running lights
  • Soft-mounted shock absorbing landing gear
  • 2.4GHz DSM2® receiver
  • 3-in-1 ESCs/mixer/heading hold gyro unit
  • Includes 5-channel LP5DSM DSM2 transmitter with batteries
  • Includes E-flite® 3S 11.1V 800mAh 30C Li-Po battery
  • Includes DC Li-Po charger with AC adapter
  • Includes an extra set of rotor blades (upper and lower)


The big coaxial helicopter anyone can fly.

With the Blade® CX4 helicopter, learning to fly is fun, not frustrating. The self-stabilizing characteristics of its coaxial, counter rotating blades make hovering easy. So easy in fact, you’ll look like a pro after just a few flights. Besides being incredibly stable, the CX4 is a little bigger than most coaxial helis in its class. It also comes with smart safety features that help you relax and fly with confidence. This includes things like a shock-absorbing landing gear and rubber-coated leading edges on the rotor blades. The rotor blades are also hinged at the hub so they will give in the event of a blade strike.

Counter-rotating rotor blades
First-time pilots will be able hover the Blade CX4 like a pro after just a few flights. Its counter-rotating rotor blades give it a natural stability that makes learning to fly easy. If you ever get in trouble, just let go of the control sticks. The Blade CX4 will return to a hover all by itself.

Hinged, rubber-coated rotor blades
The rubber-coated rotor blades are hinged at the hub so they give in the event of a blade strike.

Shock-absorbing landing gear
Soft mounts on the landing gear absorb shocks from hard landings.

Product Specifications

Type: Electric micro coaxial helicopter
Main Rotor Diameter: 18.1 in (460mm)
Gross Weight: 14.6 oz (414 g)
Length: 19.7 in (500mm)
Rotor Blade Length: 8.1 (205mm)
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Beginner
Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Is Assembly Required: No

Needed to Complete

Nothing! Everything you need to fly is included in the box.

Blade CX4 RTF [BLH2100]

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