Blade CP Pro RTF Electric Micro Helicopter [EFLH1300]

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Blade CP Pro RTF Electric Micro Helicopter

Key Features

  • CCPM and Bell-Hiller mixing for lightning fast cyclic response
  • Symmetrical main rotor blades for aerobatics and inverted flight
  • Main and tail motor heat sinks to help maintain maximum performance and prolong motor life
  • 3-cell 800mAh Li-Po battery pack with Charge Protection Circuitry and a DC Li-Po balancing charger
  • 6-channel FM radio system with CCPM, Idle Up flight mode switch and adjustment knob, and optional-use proportional fifth channel
  • Unique combination of a 6-channel FM receiver and an advanced 3-in-1 control unit with main motor and tail motor ESCs, a mixer and a gyro
  • Plug and play compatibility with brushless power systems and heading lock gyros
  • No assembly required


Based on the tried and true Blade CP platform, the Blade CP Pro adds the lightweight power of a 3-cell 800mAh Li-Po battery pack, the lightning quick cyclic response of Bell-Hiller mixing, and the upright or inverted agility of symmetrical main rotor blades. Plus, it can easily be outfitted with brushless power and a heading lock gyro, without the need for a new radio system or difficult modifications. For red-hot micro heli aerobatics in about the time it takes for you to charge a battery pack, nothing can touch the cutting-edge Blade CP Pro.

E-flite uses top-quality engineering and materials in everything that's produced, providing you with the maximum level of value and fun. E-flite backs all of its products with the best customer service and support in the hobby, so your electric flight experience is always a positive one.

Product Specifications

Type: RTF Electric Micro Heli
Main Rotor Diameter: 20.3 in (515mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 5.8 in (148mm)
Gross Weight: RTF with Li-Po battery, 10.5 oz (298 g)
Length: 20.7 in (526mm)
Motor Size: 370 main motor, N30 tail motor
Control System: CCPM

Needed to Complete

You won't need a thing to fly your Blade CP Pro. Everything that's needed for flight is included with your purchase. Check out the Optional Parts section for parts you can buy to make your Blade CP Pro perform at its peak!

Kit Includes

No assembly or difficult setup is required, and there is nothing extra to buy. The Blade CP Pro includes a rechargeable 800mAh 3-cell Li-Po battery pack with Charge Protection Circuitry, a DC Li-Po balancing charger and 8 “AA” batteries for the transmitter that’s included.
The Blade CP Pro’s separate 6-channel FM receiver, plus 3-in-1 control unit with main motor and tail motor ESCs, mixer and gyro, provides the kind of precise control that lets you fly aerobatics with confidence. Plus, this unique control system is plug-and-play compatible with brushless power systems and heading lock gyros, so when you’re
ready to expand the flight envelope even further, you can just plug in the new equipment and fly.
The Blade CP Pro comes out of the box with a high-performance Bell-Hiller mixing equipped rotor head and symmetrical main rotor blades that allow experienced pilots to fly advanced aerobatic maneuvers, including inverted flight, right out of the box.
The main rotor blades are driven by a powerful 370 motor with a 9-tooth pinion that has been optimized for
use with 3-cell Li-Po battery packs. Both the main and tail motors are equipped with heat sinks that help
maintain maximum performance during aggressive aerobatics and prolong motor life.

For extreme, locked-in tail performance, uprgade to an optional heading lock gyro like E-flite's G90 Sub-Micro Heading Lock Gyro (EFLRG90) using the included transmitter and receiver, plus 3-in-1 control unit.


Need more power for the most demanding aerobatics? Upgrade to optional brushless power using an E-flite Park 370 4100Kv inrunner motor (EFLM1000), an 8-tooth 0.5 module pinion (EFLM1949), and a 20amp ESC (EFLA311B).*
* Please see instruction manual for more information.

E-flite also offers a number of aluminum option parts for the Blade CP Pro including a swashplate (EFLH1175) and complete rotor head (EFLH1176 - TBA) that not only look great, but fly great and are durable too.

For even more precise performance, upgrade your Blade CP Pro with the
optional Carbon Fiber Tail Rotor Blade (EFLH1122C), Symmetrical Carbon Fiber Main Rotor Blades (EFLH1147C), or both.
Click here to see a full-size exploded view

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Blade CP Pro RTF Electric Micro Helicopter [EFLH1300]

Retail Price: $319.99

Selling Price:$149.99*

Find a Retailer
*Avaliable at participating retailers

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