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Blade® Nano QX 3D

Inverted Flight Made Easy

The ultra micro Blade® Nano QX 3D quadcopter breaks the barriers of maneuverability. Go ahead and perform smooth flight if you want. Intuitive SAFE™ technology delivers self-leveling and bank limitations that make learning fast and fun. But that's only a small part of this drone's potential.

If you thought that flying inverted was hard, think again. When you fly the Blade Nano QX 3D in the incredible EVO Mode, you can be upright or inverted without having to learn complicated stick inputs. Forget hover-toys with a flip button. EVO Mode is all about giving you the ability to fly upside-down, right side-up and everything in between so you can quickly enjoy inventing the complicated maneuvers yet to be dreamed. Go ahead and flip 180 degrees to inverted or rotate all the way around. The EVO mode exclusive SAFE® Technology provides helps you by keeping the flight controls identical automatically.

And even though we've made it easy for you to fly awesome tricks, you can fly inverted with standard RC inputs with the Agility mode we provide. Clever design and reverse motor technology allows the Nano QX 3D to be strong and light, so there's almost no penalty for error if you practice aerobatics over plush carpet or soft grass—you'll have a blast!

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Engineered With SAFE™ Technology

SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) provides three flight modes to suit a variety of pilot needs. Beginner mode is ideal for basic hovering and forward flight. EVO mode makes learning aerobatics and inverted flight easy to learn, while Expert mode gives experienced pilots a true 3D flight experience.

Stability Mode

Pitch and roll limits are locked to offer a limited flight envelope while electronic self-leveling offers positive stability the instant you release the sticks. You can also flip 360° in any direction at the press of a button.

EVO Mode

Evolve your flight routine at the press of a button with the ability to flip 180-degrees from upright to inverted and back again with ease. The flight controls stay the same, regardless of orientation. Self-leveling and flight envelope limits are maintained.

3D Agility Mode

A true 3D flying experience that offers full-range maneuverability with no self-leveling assistance. When flying upright in this mode, 0–50% throttle is negative thrust and 51–100% is positive thrust.

Powerful Coreless Motors

Large coreless motors provide the aggressive power to the Nano QX 3D. An in-runner style motor has much less overall rotational mass meaning the direction change from positive to negative thrust happens in the blink of an eye.

Lightweight airframe

At the core is a composite frame that combines the mechanical and electronic systems into a simple cross-shaped structure. Flexible guards at the tip of the booms and mounted on center protect and support the four rotors.

Li-Po flight battery

The E-flite® 200mAh 1S 3.7V 30C Li-Po flight battery, included, can provide up to 5-minutes of flight and can be conveniently recharged with the included USB charger.


Blade innovation delivers coreless motors that can produce positive and negative thrust. The result is an ability to flip 360° in any direction at the press of a button and flip from upright to inverted with ease.
The stark contrast of the white trim helps maintain orientation in addition to the brilliant LED lights located on the top and bottom of the airframe.



The protective fin is in place to protect the flight control system and provides great visual orientation when upside down.

Protective Fin


Land the Nano QX 3D upside down or right-side up, it doesn't matter. SAFE technology determines the orientation and allows you to take off even after a crash without having to learn complex inputs.



The special propellers are specifically designed to provide excellent performance. With a pitch angle that is semi-symmetrical, these props have excellent bite in positive and negative thrust.



The brilliant LED lighting on board gives an aggressive look along with being a great orientation visual aid.



RTF: Nothing! Just charge the battery and fly.

BNF: A multi-function 4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter with Spektrum™ DSMX technology