Choose Your Blade Path

Beginner Series

Ready for anyone to fly - no experience required!

BLH8200 BLH7600 BLH7400 BLH8000 BLH8100 BLH7900 BLH2700 EFLH2200 EFLH2400 EFLH1250

Intermediate Series

For pilots who have mastered coaxial helicopters.

BLH3100 BLH2000 BLH7780

Advanced Series

For pilots who have mastered a fixed-pitch heli and are ready for a collective pitch machine.

BLH3300 BLH3780 BLH3450 BLH3880 BLH4380 BLH3980 BLH4650

Pro Series

For expert 3D pilots who want a pro-class heli kit they can build to their specifications.

BLH5525 BLH5625C BLH5725C