1. Direct-to-Swash, Flybarless Head Design

The low parts count of this simple head design makes initial setup and routine maintenance easy.


2. Integrated Bearing Block Servo Mount Design with Optimized Geometry

The cyclic servos mount directly to the aluminum bearing block. This simplifies installation and provides a more direct link to the swashpate. The mounting geometry has been optimized to virtually eliminate mechanical inefficiency between the servos and swashplate so you experience flawless cyclic and collective response that feels almost telekinetic.


3. Carbon Fiber Main Frames

The rigidity of the lightweight 2mm carbon fiber main frames play a big part in keeping control response crisp and precise.


4. CNC Machined Aluminum Head Block

The rigid, lightweight aluminum head block provides maximum precision during 3D maneuvers.


5. CNC Machined Aluminum Swashplate

The aluminum swashplate is tough enough to handle the rigors of extreme 3D maneuvers and delivers precise cyclic and collective response at every corner of the flight envelope.


6. Dual Ball Bearing Supported, 12mm Hollow Steel Main Shaft

Ball bearings support the hardened steel main shaft at the top and bottom of the drive gears.


7. Motor Mount with Integrated Pinion Support

The pinion is supported through the structure of the motor itself instead of the frames. This prolongs the life of the motor bearing by keeping the counter-bearing perfectly aligned with the motor shaft under extreme loads.


8. Configurable, Quick Change Battery Tray

The battery tray can be fixed to the frame or configured to slide out for faster battery changes.


9. Torque-Tube Driven Tail with Aluminum Tail Boom and Case

The efficient torque-tube tail uses a shaft to drive the tail rotor without robbing power. It also eliminates the maintenance hassles of having to adjust belt drive tension to achieve peak performance.


10. Dual Point Tail Pitch Slider and Balanced Tail Grips

The slop-free movement of the dual point tail pitch slider delivers snappy, precise tail response.


11. 131T Helical Main Gear with Stock 13t Pinion (10.08:1)

The helical main gear generates less noise and is less susceptible to stripping teeth under extreme loads.


12. Optional 3-Blade Aluminum Rotor Head (sold separately)

This CNC machined rotor head swings 690-710mm blades and lets you achieve show-stopping 3D performance with lower head speeds and reduced blade pitch. The ferocious sound of three blades shredding air during aggressive maneuvers is impressive too.