Modified Bell-Hiller Rotor Head

1. Modified Bell-Hiller Rotor Head

The modified flybar location and control linkage geometry of the fixed-pitch rotor head provides plenty of speed and maneuverability while retaining some hands-off stability. This helps those who've mastered flying coaxial helis enjoy a smoother, more successful transition to single-rotor machines.

5-in-1 DSMX Receiver/ESCs/Mixer/ Servos/Gyro Unit

5-in-1 DSMX® Receiver/ESCs/Mixer/ Servos/Gyro Unit

The heart and soul of the Blade® 300 X is the groundbreaking Spektrum™ AR7200BX DSMX® receiver. The AR7200BX integrates a 7-channel receiver with a BeastX 3-axis MEMS stabilization system in one lightweight unit.

Coreless Main and Tail Motors

3. Coreless Main and Tail Motors

The impressive power these motors produce is a big reason the mSR is so fun to fly. They're efficient too. You can expect about 7 or more minutes of flying time from the stock 150mAh Li-Po battery.

Durable, Lightweight Airframe

4. Durable, Lightweight Airframe

The tough little airframe can handle almost anything a relatively new pilot can dish out.

Small Rotor Disc Diameter

5. Small Rotor Disc Diameter

The unobtrusive, 7-inch rotor disc allows you to fly in spaces as small as an office cubicle. Even if you do get a little too close to the furniture, the hinged rotors will give in the event of a blade strike, sparing damage to them and your surroundings

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