1 E-flite® 5-Channel LP5DSM DSM® Technology Transmitter

The Blade® CX4 heli comes with the LP5DSM transmitter, an advanced radio control with 2.4GHz DSM® technology built in. With DSM technology, you'll never have to worry about interference from other RC users.


2 E-flite® 3S 11.1V 800mAh 30C Li-Po Battery

Three-cell battery provides extra power for climb-outs, extensive flight times and power allocation to where the CX4 heli needs it most.


3 DC Li-Po Charger with AC Adapter

Charger operation is simple. Just plug in the included 3S 11.1V 800mAh 30C Li-Po to the charger and the battery will begin charging. No button pushing or worrying if you started the charging process. An indicator light alerts you to when your battery is fully charged.


4 Tools, Parts and Extra Blades

When the time comes to replace a blade, or just to tune up the CX4 heli, you won't need to make an extra trip to pick up tools or blades. Included with the CX4 heli are the tools you'll need to repair or replace most components on it.