Coaxial Rotor Design

1. Coaxial Rotor Design

Self-stabilizing flight characteristics of the coaxial rotor design make learning to fly easy for first-time RC pilots. The rotor design is also easy to repair, and the CX4 heli includes superior Horizon Hobby customer service.

Attractive New Fuselage with LED Lights

2. Attractive New Fuselage with LED Lights

The sleek two-piece fuselage design of the CX4 heli is complemented by LED navigation lights that make flying in dim light a reality. The tail of the CX4 heli utilizes a red anti-collision light that complements an LED searchlight below the nose. Both LED lights help maintain orientation in dim and low lighting.

Hinged and Soft-Edged Main Blade Design

3. Hinged and Soft-Edged Main Blade Design

For less chance of broken parts as the result of minor incidences, the main blades of the CX4 heli are coated in rubber. The main blade design is hinged at the hub, resulting in less severe damage to any objects involved in a collision.

Shock-Absorbing Landing Gear

4. Shock-Absorbing Landing Gear

Composed of flexible materials, soft-mounted landing gear absorbs impact to lower the amount of shock given to the heli and ultimately assist in the learning process.

Powerful 360-Size Motors

5. Powerful 360-Size Motors

The large motors in the CX4 heli provide the power to maneuver without compromising battery life. Enable the pilot to change direction smoothly and accurately and feature superior lift power typical of more advanced helis. Motor size more than compensates for the size of the CX4 heli.

Low-Battery Warning Light

6. Low-Battery Warning Light

Indicator light on the included 3-in-1 unit warns the pilot of low flight-battery condition to avoid loss of control and over-discharge to preserve battery life.

Over-Current Crash Protection

7. Over-Current Crash Protection

In the event the rotors get caught/blocked, the motor will automatically turn off to limit damage to the helicopter and blades.