Preview – The New Blade SR RTF micro helicopter

2/17/2010 by Jim Booker

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In the last year many people have learned to fly helicopters using the Blade mCX and mSR micro helis. Both of these helis teach the basics but there has not been a good model with full collective pitch that enables the graduation from fixed pitch rotors to the higher performance helis. Now a new Blade SR (Single Rotor) helicopter has been released just for this purpose. Collective pitch helicopters have been difficult to fly for new pilots because they are so quick to respond and provide very high performance aerobatic flying capability. The new SR addresses this issue with a “toned down” micro heli designed to be easier to fly but recognizing the pilot is advancing from something such as an mSR heli and has learned the basics of controlling a helicopter, such as hovering, nose-in hover, forward flight, pirouettes and other basic flight maneuvers.

A collective pitch helicopter gives a pilot the opportunity to perform more advanced maneuvers and realize the true performance potential available to RC helicopter pilots. Mark Padilla, E-flite Helicopter Product Developer, gave us an opportunity to study the features that make the difference in the Blade SR. Watch our preview video and hear just what Mark designed into this intriguing model.