Preview the New E-flite mCX S300 RTF Ultra-Micro Helicopter

4/1/2009 by Jim Booker

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  • Main Rotor Diameter: 7.5 in (190mm)
  • Gross Weight: 1 oz (28 g)
  • Length: 6 in (150mm)
  • Kit/ARF/RTF: RTF
E-flite Blade mCX S300

Everyone is familiar with the E-flite mCX micro helicopter. But now there is a new version of the mCX with a very nice Schweizer S300 scale-like body. We all know how easy the mCX is to fly and the new S300 is no different. This dual-rotor coaxial helicopter makes everyone look like an expert pilot. Flying the mCX is great fun. Having three or four of these helicopters flying around in the living room and challenging each other to do more complex tasks makes it even better. The fun just never quits. The S300 RTF includes everything in the box needed to fly the helicopter. The 4 channel transmitter incorporates Spektrum 2.4GHz technology so there is never any concern about frequency issues. There is also a BNF model for those people who already have a DSM2 transmitter.

I got hold of Mark Padilla, E-flite Product Developer, to review the features incorporated into this new mCX S300. There are a couple surprises. Our video will give you a lot of insight into this exceptional RC model.