Install Nav Lights in your CX Helicopter

2/11/2009 by Jim Booker

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That new CX3 is a very cool-looking helicopter with the scale MD 520N body and lots of interesting detail. But the real fun is flying this little hot rod. E-flite has an optional LED Navigation Light Set for the CX3 that adds to the scale realism and makes nighttime flying fun as well. Installing these lights is very easy, even though at first glance it might look a bit difficult.

Actually, there are two light sets. One is the standard set that is always on when connected to the receiver power. The other can be remotely turned on and off from the CX3 RTF transmitter or other 5-channel or more DSM2™ transmitter. Basically, the installation is the same for both. Our short video is going to show you how to do the installation. The only tools required will be the supplied screwdriver plus a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Watch our video then give your own CX3 a complete
navigation light set from E-flite.

Supplies Needed:
•EFL Blade CX3 MD 520N RTF (EFLH2000)
•EFL Blade CX3 MD 520N BNF ((EFLH2080)
•LED Navigation Light Upgrade Set ((EFLH2009)
•LED Navigation Light Upgrade Set Remote On/Off (EFLH2009R)