We Preview The E-flite F-16 400 Ducted Fan ARF

10/1/2008 by Jim Booker

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  • Wingspan: 28 in (709mm)
  • Overall Length: 35.5 in (900mm)
  • Wing Area: 195 sq in (12.6 sq dm)
  • Flying Weight: 23.5–25.5 oz (667–723 g)
  • Servos: Super sub-micro (4 required, 5 with nose gear steering)
  • Speed Control : 25–30 amp brushless
  • Recommended Battery: 3S 11.1V 1800– 2200mAh Li-Po
  • Landing Gear: Optional use, included

PLEASE NOTE: The subject of our video was part number EFL7075 and has been discontinued. The current part number EFL7075B does not include the motor. Other details remain the same.

Here it comes, a jet RC model to knock your socks off. E-flite has introduced an F-16 electric ducted fan that flat performs.  It is fast; it is aerobatic; it is good looking and it doesn’t have a propeller. This is another one you’re going to have to put in your collection right away.

Take a look at our video interview with John Redman, E-flite senior product developer. We’re betting this all foam ducted fan jet will quickly become one of those models you just can’t wait to take back out to the field for another flight or two. It is due to be available around the middle of October.