The Cutting Edge Blade CP

7/21/2005 by Ron "GMRO" Osinski - Team JR

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Page 1: Ron Osinski talks about the Blade CP RTR

Ron Osinski talks about the Blade CP RTR

Just short of a year ago, some good friends at Horizon asked me for my input on a micro e-heli for their product line. Since I’ve been flying e-helis of various sizes for many years now, I jumped at the chance to contribute. Over the months of development with Horizon folks, I have had a great time experimenting and conveying ideas. And I’m happy to say that our joint effort is something that we are all proud of. While this heli is aimed to get people flying quickly right out of the box, it also offers a long list of features not found on any other ready-to-fly heli in its class. The result is a great-flying heli that belongs in everyone’s fleet: the Blade™ CP RTF.

There was a long shopping list of requirements that we all wanted to achieve. High on the list was to provide the pilot with a great-flying heli that gives no-fuss enjoyment. I’m happy to say we accomplished this and much more with the Blade CP. Unlike other micro e-helis in the same price range, the Blade CP features collective pitch through a three-servo 120° CCPM setup and a transmitter that is aerobatic-ready with an idle-up switch. Add a stylish canopy with preapplied decals, and the Blade CP is sure to complement you as your skills develop.

So what do you get? Almost everything you need to get in the air just minutes after opening the box—only 8 “AA” batteries are required.

Included are the completely assembled heli, a 6-channel FM 72MHz CCPM transmitter, an 8-cell Ni-MH battery pack and a 2-hour wall charger. The Blade CP features collective pitch for better flying control and a unique “4-in-1” receiver/gyro/ESC/mixer combo unit that controls the three servos via the 120° CCPM setup, as well as the 370-size main motor and separate N30 tail rotor drive motor. The Blade CP is factory-adjusted with the 8-cell flight pack arriving partially charged for immediate use. The 4-in-1 receiver box has an adjustable pot for gyro gain control and tail-motor-to-main-motor proportional mix to allow the pilot to tune the Blade CP’s tail rotor for his own flying style.

Ron Osinski’s Blade CP RTF is being flown in the picture with the stock E-flite transmitter, the Aerobatic Enhancement Kit and a Thunder Power 900mAh 3-cell Li-Po battery.