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Ultra Micro Heli Control Unlike

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Ultra micro helicopters give us the freedom to experience the thrill of RC flight almost anywhere. Still, there are some limitations. Often it�s a bit too breezy to fly outside and maintain control. Or, if you want to fly inside, maybe the controls are too touchy to fly any place smaller than a gymnasium.

The amazing AS3X™ Flybarless System changes all that by giving ultra micro helis an unbelievable sense of neutral stability and positive control that makes them feel like much largfer, finely-tuned helicopters in flight. It�s nothing short of the most exciting advance in ultra micro helicopter technology since 2.4GHz control.

How it Works
How it Feels

When a mechanical flybar is used to stabilize a rotor head, stability and agility become a tradeoff. Adjust the flybar for more stability and and a heli may be easier to hover, but it won�t have the crisp control authority you might want for really aggressive aerobatics. Make the same heli more agile and you�ll have more control authority, but find yourself working a lot harder in hover.

The AS3X Flybarless System frees a helicopter from the limitations of the flybar by replacing it with a sophisticated 3-axis digital MEMS sensor and exclusive flight control software developed by Horizon Hobby. This makes it possible to dramatically expand agility and neutral stability without sacrificing either. Instead, a helicopter is programmed with exactly the amount of stability and agility it needs for precise control in all phases of flight. Plus, eliminating the weight and complexity of a mechanical flybar allows a helicopter to achieve lighter disc loading and higher head speeds, which also improve performance.