Blade® 350 QX2 AP

Experience visionary flight

With the definitive aerial photography package

Engineered With SAFE™ Technology

SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology is a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system. It also offers smoother flight capability that battles windy conditions for you and multiple modes so you can fly with the level of protection and assistance that suits any given moment of the flight.

Smart Mode

GPS/Altitude Hold, SAFE Circle™ feature and stick relativity. Perfect for novice pilots.

Stability Mode

Limited flight envelope, self-leveling and optional GPS Hold. Ideal for video capture.

Aerial Photography Mode

Keeps the 350 QX 2 AP in a steady hover and locked into position while controls are held at neutral. Ideal for image/video capture.

Altitude Hold

Helps the 350 QX2 AP maintain a steady hover and locked position when transmitter controls are held at neutral.



CGO1 front
CGO1 top
CGO1 right
CGO1 left

The highly capable C-GO1 features 5.8Ghz Wi-Fi streaming and recording video as well as image capture.




  • Operating Environment Temperature 14° F - 122° F (-10° C 50° C)
  • Working Time 60 - 90 Minutes (depending on Wi-Fi usage)
  • Optical Zoom Fixed Focus
  • Aperture F2.8/F3.0
  • Field of View (FOV) 120°
  • Sensor Size CMOS 1/2.7”
  • HD Recording 1080P 30FPS
  • Video Format AVI (H.264)
  • Photo Format JPEG
  • Audio Format AAC
  • PIC Resolution 1920x1080
  • Downlink Resolution D1 720X480/30p
  • Storage Port Micro SD (up to 16GB supported)

INCLUDES Blade® GB 200 Brushless Gimbal

gimbal1 front
gimbal1 top
gimbal1 right
gimbal1 left

Using the C-GO1 or a compatible action camera you can capture vibration free video and images with the freedom of 2-axis stability.


GB 200 Features


  • Optimized for use with both the CGO1™ and GoPro3/3+ cameras
  • Keeps camera in a fixed angle regardless of the position of flight
  • Adjustable during flight when paired with correct transmitter
  • Heavily reduces vibration
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • 2-axis stabilization and control
  • Independent IMU
  • Works with any 350 QX model

C-GO1 App


Experience. Review. Capture. Control.


The C-GO1 utilizes an intuitive app that allows you to utilize the key benefits of the C-GO1 camera remotely from for iOS and Android enabled devices.

  • See It Live: Experience your flight live utilizing the 5.8GHz downlink stream directly from the C-GO1.
  • Access Media: Review your latest flight media using WIFI connectivity with the C-GO1.
  • Activate Shutter: Capture video or snap photos on the C-GO1 with the tap of a finger.
  • Customize Settings: Control video or image quality before you shoot.